When shopping for outdoor lighting, there are several questions to keep in mind:
  • How many lights are needed?
  • How large is the area that needs to be lit?
  • Are the lights for practical lighting purposes or are they used for decorative or accent lighting?
  • How large of a fixture will I need?
  • How easily can the bulb be replaced after installation?
  • Is the fixture I like rated for outdoor and wet locations?

In order to help us better assist you in choosing outdoor lighting, it is helpful to bring along measurements or pictures of the area you wish to add lighting to.

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*Most of what is featured on our website can be seen on display in our showroom. It’s important to remember that the items on our website and in our showroom are only a fraction of what we are able to order. If you see an item made by one of our manufacturers that is not featured on the website or on display in our showroom, just ask us for more information and we can put in a special order to fulfill any needs. Click here for a list of our manufacturers.